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Global Policy

Shahan Yilmaz is a global policy analyst and international relations expert. He has written several articles on geopolitical issues about domestic conflicts around different countries at journals and news websites in Turkey. These articles reflect several perspectives on changes in rules and regulations, as well as future forecasting supposed governmental changes. 

He is a political scientist and expert on Middle Eastern affairs. He was born in Ankara, Turkey. He graduated from SUNY Old Westbury. His bachelor degree is in Political Science with a minor Economics.  His masters is in International Affairs from New School, in New York City. His master thesis was about the national security issues and the democratization process between Syria and Turkey.

His research leads to the worldwide energy, capital, scientific, and technological advancement process. The evolutionary process of regulatory changes also linked to the future changes of each domain. The inter-domain relations among these activities are also reflected within his articles. The prediction of legislative agenda is also considered while putting these factors as a fundamental base. 

Global Policy Analyst View

The theoretical foundation links the global policy perspective with the supposed fundamental base, while the causality is investigated thoroughly . As each article is about a different global conflict, the political agenda is analyzed. The democratization process of the legislative changes and forecasting of future elections are researched with the scientific reasoning methods. Each governmental election and changes added to the worldwide political scenario. 

 The articles are divided into geopolitical sections of the corresponding section. Each article in supposed section investigates domestic affairs from the global policy perspective view. The global policy view is linked with each governmental legislation agenda.